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Augustine, and Misinterpretation of Scripture by Early Heretics (extract from the Stromata of Clement of Alexandria). Josh Pitts Josh Pitts has over 15 years experience conducting physical and

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Related definition of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is becoming one of the next IT industry buzz words: users move out their data and applications to the remote Cloud and

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Essay on medicinal plants of bengal introduction

essay on medicinal plants of bengal introduction

urinary diseases research paper about lgbt community and skin affections. The main claimed benefits of milk thistle have not been conclusively proved by tests which show mixed results. Dioscorea Rotundata (African Disocora) Thambala - Kotakavalli, Urumpirei See write up on Dioscorea Alata Dioscorea pentaphylla,. This name was given to us by an Ayurveda practitioner. Eleusine coracana (nutchee, finger millet) The ending of the botanical name,.e, "coracana seems to be closest to the sinhalese name "Kurakkan". See the article by Fernando and Ormerod, and under Orchids Nicotiana tabacum Dumkola - pugaiyilai, Phaielai Tobacco was ntroduced to Japanaya (Jaffna) peninsula, then known then as "Waeligama" (Valikamama by the Dutch who brought Malabar Indians from south India as labour for the Tobacco. Dalbergia latifolia (Linn) (Rosewood) Rosalee, Kalumara (?) Rosewood is considered one of the most valuable tropical hardwoods that are found in Madagascar, East Africa, Brazil and south East Asia. Phaseolus aureus Robx (green gram) Mung haritha mudga Moong see current name: Vigna radiata Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper, previously, Phaseolus mungo (black gram) ulundu, Undu Mudga uluntu, payaru US Dept. Each village had its paddy fields ketha and its 'vaeva' (tank or reservoir kept under repair by community work and by 'Rajakariya' -.e., compulsory work for the 'king' run in a decentralized manner by the local 'Vel Vidhane' (director of rice-paddies Mudali, Mudaliyar. No image of this plant is available. Ganga-meevana, Gangameevana - - Place name Meevanna also exists.

The climate is hot and humid. The blue flowers are used in Hindu poojas (Durga pooja). Which one of the following is not included under in-situ conservation? See previous entry, under "Piper betel". Sorghum flour fits well with Sri lankan cooking. Vigna marina Karal Leema - - - Vigna radiata (green gram) Mung, Moong Masaparni karumpayir see also Phaseolus honors college thesis psu schreyer aureus Roxb., Phaseolus mungo auct. The place name "Bombura" (central province) may be related to this plant name. Kukkuradru, Kukundara kattumullangi Images and write up Its hot pugngent (turpentine/camphor-like) ordor is used to drive away flies etc, and the plant is used in local medications. Its leaf and milky latex contains Papain, an enzyme which breaks down meat.

Hedyotis pumila, oldenlandia crystallina Wel-kawududala, Vel kavudu dala - - - Hedysarum logopodiodes Pusvaenna, Puswenna Images and write up Singha-Puchchi pulladi A type of Sweetvetch; small herb with a flower likened to a lion's tail in the name Singha-Puchchi Helianthus annuus Sunflower Asteraceae family (older. Udawediya Mal, Udavaediya Mal - - - Hathavariya, Hathaavaariya, Hathawariya, Hathawaariya, Saathamul Shatavari thanneervittan kizhangu, Sirumal see below, Asparagus racemosus Hathavariya, aesparagas, aspara-goba This is the common vegetable, available in the spring. (See Handbook of Energy crops,. It grows in a "pandura" (like a clump, hence the english name "umbrella sedge and has tubers which have medicinal properties similar to "kalanduru.e., (cyperus rotundus) D Go to the Top - Botanical Names, (English) Sinhala Sanskrit (Pali) Tamil Toponyms, Notes Daemia extensa, Pergularia. It is a giant" species, and is considered to be very invasive. This tree was named the Davies Tree by the Britsh, and a plaque placed in 1906 recording the massacre.

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